Unlike most commercial roller shutters protecting shop fronts and windows, industrial doors don’t have anything behind them so need to be much stronger to withstand any attempts of break-in and weather such as high winds. 

Our expertly designed industrial doors are constructed from heavy duty steel & components ensuring optimum security. We also recognise that the weight and size of these shutters means we need to make sure they can be easily operated. For manual industrial shutters we design them with heavy chains making it easier for one person to operate them. On electrical versions we take into account how many times a day the shutter will be operated, particularly on loading bays, so we can provide the correct size motor. Where needed, we can also provide a separate electrical feed so as to isolate your industrial door from other devices and spread the load. 

Integrated bespoke wicket personnel doors are also available and our industrial roller shutter doors can be finished in a range of colours to suit your requirements.