Cheap Install


We cannot emphasise enough the importance of doing your due diligence prior to choosing a company to install your roller shutters.

Please look beyond the price because a cheap price almost always equals a cheap job.

We quoted for the electrically operated roller shutter pictured, however the customer decided to go with the company who had quoted £100 cheaper than us. Unfortunately the shutter never operated properly from day one so the customer asked us to go out less than a week later to try and repair it as even she could see the shockingly poor quality.

To say we were gobsmacked is an understatement, this is one of the worst installations we’ve ever seen. The steel used is the cheapest quality and already rusted, the standard of welding and fitting is very poor, then when we investigated further we found a plastic carrier bag covering the live electrical wires to the motor!

What an absolute death trap installed on the home of a lady with small children, she was mortified !

If you’re considering paying out for security roller shutters then please check if they are manufactured in-house and from what grade steel, galvanised steel is the minimum standard. It also pays to check the experience of the installer and view previous work done.

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